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Video Caps






Cebu Tour video




Date Filmed: December 2004, with additional footage from 2006

Location: Cebu City

Video Length: 7 minutes, 38 seconds

File: 81.9 mb



Description: This video shows a tour of Cebu City  which includes the pier area, Fort San Pedro, Cebu City Hall, Magellan's Cross, Sto Ni? Basilica, Fuente Osmena, Capitol Building, Taoist Temple, The Top, Ayala Mall, SM Mall and the Lapu Lapu shrine on Mactan Island.


Around Malapascua


Date Filmed: January 2005

Location: Malapascua, Cebu

Video Length: 2 minutes, 57 seconds

File: 30.9mb



Description: This video shows our accommodation at Monteluna, Bounty Beach, Ging Ging's eatery and a boat trip around the whole island of Malapascua.

Basilica de Santo Nino

Date Filmed: May 2004

Location: Cebu City, Cebu

Video Length: 1 minute

Large File: 10.4M

Small File: 2.46M


Description: This video features Magellan?s Cross and external view of Santo Nino Basilica, located in Cebu City, Cebu.

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Before - 1994

After - 2005



Before and after



Date Filmed: September 1994 and September 2005

Location: Area near Gaisano Country Mall, Banilad

Video Length: 1 min  57 sec

Size: 20.2 mb

Description: While on vacation in 1994, I filmed the area near Gaisano Country Mall. 11 years later, in 2005, I filmed from the same spot. You will be amazed at the difference 11 years makes.

Blind street musician

Date Filmed: July 2006

Location: Cebu City

Video Length: 35 seconds

File size: 6.12mb



Description: Filmed by my friend Poul Rasmussen. This video shows a blind street musician playing an instrument similar to a xylophone for money, in the street near Fuente Osmena in Cebu City


Boat Building


Date Filmed: June 2004

Location: Carmen, Cebu

Video Length: 4 minutes, 12 seconds

Size: 44.7M


Description: This video shows a boat building shop located on Carmen Bay in Carmen, Cebu. The shop is owned by master boat builder Mike Allan. The boat under construction in this video is a 58' catamaran.


Bogo Bus


This is a 1 minute 35 seconds of video, of a nearly empty air-con bus to Bogo from Cebu City. 

File size 12mb


Carbon Slums


Date Filmed: May 2001

Location: Area near carbon markets in Cebu City

Video Length: 4 minutes, 49 seconds

File size: 12.1 mb


Description: Shows a trip in a taxi through the historic carbon market area and nearby slums. You will see many calesas (horse drawn carriages) and people living there everyday lives.

Defensive Driving

This is a driving video, shot in the Metro Cebu area June 2005, giving the viewer some helpful tips on defensive driving. Driving techniques in the Philippines, as you will see, is much different than the way one would drive in the west.

Throughout this video, you will also experience a variety of things which happen while driving in traffic.

This video is 8 minutes 46 seconds.

File size 94.1M

Drifters Bar in Banilad

This is 42 seconds of video showing Drifters Bar at Gaisano Country Mall, Banilad, Cebu City which at the time was owned by a beautiful Filipina called Monica and is a hangout for expats.. This video shows both internal and external views of the bar, as well as Monica.

File size 3.7mb

Filipino Way


This video shows cooking a roast pig and other cooking for the Philippine Independence Day meal. The video was taken at the family home of Jan Pernia which was located  approximately 1.5 hours south of Cebu City in Sibonga, Cebu.

The length of this video is 7 minutes 3 seconds.

File size 74.9M

Fort San Pedro

This is 5 minutes 17 seconds of video of inside and outside of Fort San Pedro in Cebu City. This is the site of first occupation by the Spanish in the Philippines. Fort San Pedro is open every day. It contains a museum which is only open Tuesday to Saturday. No pictures are allowed to be taken inside the museum.

File size 27.9

Jeepney Ride

This is 1 minute 27 seconds of video showing part of a jeepney ride from Bogo Cebu to Maya Cebu. If you have never seen a jeepney or never been on a jeepney, this is definitely worth a look. It also shows part of the Bogo market and bus terminal.

File size 7.7mb


This is 4 minutes 47 seconds video of a walk along Legazpi Street Cebu City from Fort San Pedro to Colon Street (approximately 1km). It shows people conducting business in the street, the traffic, some shops and some of the sights along the way.

File size  25.3mb

Magellan's Cross

This is 2 minute 19 seconds of video, at the Cross of Magellan. It was originally erected in 1521 and is now encased in Tindalo wood inside a dome near Cebu City Hall. It also features a mural depicting the planting of the cross. File size 13.2mb



Malapascua tour video


Filmed December 2003.

This is 5 minutes 42 seconds of video of Malapascua Island just off the top off mainland Cebu. Some people claim that Malapascua will be the new Boracay and I can definitely see possibilities. At the moment it is mostly divers who go there and facilities would be too primitive for many foreigners. It would be very difficult for a disabled person to get to the island as you have to travel by dinghy then by Bangka boat. I asked how do I get from the dinghy on to the Bangka and the man said: "jump". The electricity at the time was only turned on from 6.00 pm to midnight except for special occasions.  Now electricity is 24/7 This video shows two accommodation sites; White Sand Bungalows and Monteluna. It also shows a local village, some beach views, a boat being repaired and some people preparing to go snorkeling.

File size 29.9mb

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These videos are provided absolutely free and without obligation, provided they are not used for any commercial purpose.

If these videos have assisted you in any way, please consider making a small donation to assist us in paying our considerable bandwidth costs. Thankyou


Maria Goes To Town


This is a 3 minutes 50 seconds video of expat playing a game called Maria Goes to Town at the 2003 expat Christmas party, held at Villa Teresita Beach Resort, Talisay City, Cebu.

File size 29.1mb




Missionary work


Date Filmed: 2002

Location: Downtown Cebu City at night, Talisay City Jail and other locations.

Video Length: 6 min  5 sec

Full Size: 65.5 mb

Small Size: 15.2 mb

Description: The brother of my brother in law, spent a year in Cebu City in 2002 as a Missionary. He had a large amount of personal video footage from which I extracted what I thought to be some of the most interesting. In this video you will see; homeless people in downtown Cebu city, Carbon markets at night. Talisay City jail, a humanitarian project in the middle of a garbage tip and prisoners being released from Cebu provincial detention and rehabilitation center.


No Disability


Date Filmed: Middle 2005

Location: In and near Cebu City, Siquijor and Bohol

Video Length: 9 min  27 sec

File Size: 101 mb


Description: Shows Karl Livingstone, a man for whom being in a wheelchair is not a disability. You will see where Karl lived, Karl swimming and playing pool at the Sandtrap in Cebu City, on tour in Siquijor and Bohol and training on his hand cycle through Cebu City up to the Top.

I have re edited this video to show less training and more living. The new video is on my youtube list of videos.



For additional information for those with disabilities, and who may wish to visit or move to the Philippines, please see Mike and Lorena's site. They offer visitors a vast amount of information: Cebu On Wheels




Date Filmed: April 2004

Location: Pier 1 Cebu City and Tagbilaran Bohol

Video Length: 1minute 52 seconds

Size: 20mb



Description: Shows inside the OceanJet terminal at pier 1 in Cebu City, part of the trip from Cebu City to Tagbilaran and the OceanJet at the pier in Tagbilaran.


I have recently travelled on OceanJet. I did not bother to film it again as the trip was the same as that in this video.

Our Place Bar 

Filmed in 2004. This is a 45 second, medium quality video of the historic expat bar called "Our Place", in down town Cebu City. Patrons sit on both sides of the bar while playing dice and telling stories. It is a good place to get information about anything to do with expat life in Metro Cebu.

File size  2.mb

Rock beach

Date Filmed: September 1994

Location: Mactan Island

Video Length: 1 minute 17 seconds

File size: 13.3mb



Description: Lechon baboy (roast pig) at the Rock beach on Mactan Island. Shows a picnic at the beach with a roast pig.

Room Service Tattoo

Date Filmed:   November 2006

Location: Cebu Century Hotel, Cebu City

Video Length: 1 minute 43 seconds

Full size: 18.6mb


Description: A friend, Colin Konkin, having some tattoo work done in his hotel room at the Cebu Century Hotel

Sandtrap Sports Bar & Restaurant

Date Filmed:   February 2004

Location: Banilad, Cebu City

Video Length: 44 seconds

File size: 5.4mb


Description: Popular expat hangout near the Gaisano County Mall in Banilad,  Cebu City. Facilities include outdoor but under cover restaurant, barbecue/grill, out door bar with large screen TV for sporting programmes, swimming pool with kiddies section, 3 tennis courts and clubhouse with pool table and another bar.



Smallest Tricycle

This is 1 minute 39 seconds of video of a tricycle trip from the main street of Bogo Cebu to the Bogo bus terminal. The motorbike attached to the tricycle is in fact only a mini bike so that is why I have called it the smallest tricycle. There is an external view of the tricycle at the end of the video as it drives away.

File size 8.7mb

SM Mall

Inside view of SM Mall from the lower level.

1 minute 18 seconds.

File size 14.1M

Sinulog parade 2004

Date Filmed:   18th January 2004

Location: Midtown Cebu City

Video Length: 3 minutes, 58 seconds

File size: 29.4mb



Description: The Sinulog parade is held on the 3rd Sunday in January in the streets of Cebu City. The crowd for the latest Sinulog parade on 20th January 2013 was reported at 2.7 million.  It is all about the Sto. Niño, the doll of the baby Jesus. Usually it is on display at the Sto. Niño Basilica but they bring it out for the Sinulog parade.  This video features parts of the parade, crowds in the street and the Sto. Niño. There were 119 registered entrants for this parade, not including guest floats. This is Cebu's largest event. On the day of the parade, many streets are blocked off, most places are closed and it is hard to find a taxi.




Supercat 2004


Date Filmed:   February 2004

Location: Pier 4 Cebu

Video Length:  58 seconds

File size: 10.2mb


Description: Shows the Supercat terminal at pier 4 in Cebu City plus the inside of the Supercat.


Click for full screen thumbnail of video

Supercat 2009

Date Filmed:   September 2009

Location: Pier 4 Cebu City

Video Length: 1 min 13 sec

File size: 17.4 mb



Description: Shows part of the Supercat terminal at pier 4 in Cebu City plus an external view of the supercat plus the inside view of the supercat. It is much better quality than the original Supercat video filmed in 2004. I Have recently travelled on the Supercat and the ride shown in the video was so much the same that I did not bother filming it again.




Date Filmed:   1st June 2006

Location: Colon St, Cebu City

Video Length: 59 seconds

File size: 10.6 mb



Description: Tartanillas are also known as Calesas. They can be found everyday at the historic Carbon Markets in Cebu City transporting goods and people. On this day, they were parading along Colon Street in Cebu City as part of the 2006 Tartanilla Festival.

To Kawasan Falls

Date Filmed:   10th February 2005

Location: Kawasan Falls

Video Length: 4 minutes, 28 seconds

File size: 47.2mb



Description: The Kawasan falls are located south of the town of Moalboal, in Badian, Cebu which is on the west coast of Cebu province. This video has selected views from the time we left Cebu City, until arrival at Kawasan falls parking area. The video also shows parts of the one kilometre walk to the lower falls, the picnic area, lower waterfall and the upper falls.


There is a new video of Kawasan falls filmed in 2011. To see the video, go to my youtube list of videos



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These videos are provided absolutely free and without obligation, provided they are not used for any commercial purpose.

If these videos have assisted you in any way, please consider making a small donation to assist us in paying our considerable bandwidth costs. Thankyou

To Malapascua Island

Date Filmed: December 2003

Location: Maya Cebu

Video Length: 57 seconds

File size: 4.9mb



Description: Video showing the dinghy ride from the Pier at Maya Cebu to the bangka boat which takes you on a half hour ride to Malapascua Island. 


The dinghy is only needed at low tide. At high tide, you scrabble over the rocks to the bangka boat.


This will not be needed in the future as a pier is supposed to be built soon at Maya so the bangka boats can dock.

To The Top

Date Filmed:  2004

Location: Cebu City

Video Length: 2 minutes, 51 seconds

File size: 30.8mb



Description: Shows the view from the lookout known as the TOP which over looks Mandaue City, Cebu City, Talisay City and Mactan Island. Also shows some of the sights on the way to the Top including Fuente Osmena, external view of Robinson's Department store, external view of Cebu Capitol Building, external view of Golden Peak hotel, external view of Cebu Plaza hotel (now called Marco Polo hotel).

Tubod Flowing Water

Date Filmed:  19th February 2004

Location: Minglanilla

Video Length: 1 minutes, 9 seconds

File size: 12.3 mb



Description: Tubod Flowing Waters resort is located in Minglanilla about 15km from the centre of Cebu City. I was unaware until after my visit that it had accommodation so no accommodation was filmed. The video shows the external view of the main administration building and shop plus all the pools and waterslides.






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