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Examples of Tourist Visas and other sundry pictures of the Philippines

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New to the Philippines and would like to know about the electricity? 

Electricity in the Philippines is 220 volts at 60hz.

There are some exceptions to this. The better hotels will have 110 volt outlets for their North American guests and the former homes of many Americans will have been fitted with some 110 volt outlets as well as 220 volt outlets.

The chargers for most laptops, cell phones, shavers and many travel items will work with 220 volts outlets. This is because they are really 12 volts or some other small voltage and have inbuilt transformers.

To check if your electrical item will work in the Philippines without a transformer, look on the power supply. If it says 110 volt to 240 volt 50hz /60hz or something similar, it will work in the Philippines.

Next problem is your plug. If you are from North America, your plug will probably look like the ones on the left. If that is the case and the voltage range matches, you can plug straight in.

If your plug is not from North America, you will need an adaptor. To the left is the front and rear picture of two plug adaptors. The top plug will handle Australian and Japanese plugs. The bottom plug will adapt to just about any plug in the world.

If you are thinking about buying an adaptor before you visit the Philippines, consider this first. The top adaptor sells for less than P20 (about us 50c) and the bottom adaptor sells for less than P50 (about USD $1). Just drop by your nearest hardware store in the Philippines such as ACE hardware or the hardware section of a Gaisano department store.

If your electrical item does not say what voltage it works with and you are from North America, do not plug it into any outlet in the Philippines unless it is marked 110 volts. Otherwise, you should seek a transformer first. These are available from as little as P200 in hardware stores for low wattage transformers. There are much higher rated transformers with multiple outlets also available but these cost thousands of pisos.

Residents of Australia and other countries with voltage similar to 220 volts, should still only need an adaptor. Australia is 240 volts 50hz. I have bought many electrical items from Australia to the Philippines such as electric planer, drop saw, electric drill,  microwave oven and more. I was told that the electric motors are likely to burn out quicker because of the 60hz. However I have had satisfactory use from all the equipment.

 If you would like to discuss your electrical concerns further, send me an email.


Passport showing tourist visa extension stamps. The hand written figures are the individual costs for each part of the extension. These may include: visa extension cost, fast lane, search fees, alien certificate of registration etc. Each extension has different requirements and different costs. You can read more about tourist visa extensions, HERE 25.1kb

Example of receipts issued by the Bureau of Immigration at Mandaue City. The bottom receipt is for P500 for the express lane. At the Bureau of Immigration in Mandaue City, they make you pay the express lane fee, even if you don't require express service. 77.6kb

Passport showing a 59 day visa. If you don't get a 59 day visa in advance, you will usually receive a 21 day stamp on arrival then if you need to stay longer than 21 days, you have to arrange an extension. Your first extension is for 38 days which will take you up to the 59 days. From then on, extensions are arranged two months at a time. 25.3kb

Returning Filipinos, their spouse and children are entitled to a Balikbayan stamp which allows them to stay 1 year without a visa. This is a picture of a passport with the balikbayan stamp. You can read the original Republican Act 6768 and the amended Republican Act 9174 regarding the Balikbayan programme HERE 42.2kb

Close up of the balikbayan stamp in the above passport. 21.7kb

Copy of Emigration Clearance Certificate. This is required before you can leave the Philippines if you have been in the country more than 6 month on a tourist visa.

You can read more about the Emigration Clearance Certificate in my blog, HERE


The beer of choice for most people in the Philippines. I found this picture somewhere on the internet. 17.2kb

An animated gif file I found somewhere on the internet. 28.6kb

One of the less popular brands of beer in the Philippines. It also has a lower price. 45.8kb

Gerry's grill is situated in the entertainment area of Ayala Mall, Cebu City. Here is an example of the type of food they offer in the afternoon and it's cost. 85kb

Example of a back to school promotion from SM Mall in Cebu City. 80kb

When you catch a taxi from Ayala Mall in Cebu City, you are issued with a slip like this. If the driver won't use the meter or is otherwise unhelpful, it makes it easy to report the bad conduct of the driver. Also, if you accidentally leave something in the taxi, it makes it easy to contact the taxi to get your things back. 54kb

If you you want to catch a boat and would like to be dropped off on the pier close to your boat, in Cebu City, you need to pay P10 to drive onto the pier. It is very helpful to drive on to the pier if you are carrying luggage. The cost is P10 whether you are in a private car or a taxi. This is an example of the ticket issued by the guard on the gate. 33kb

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